After the Great Success with our Art & Music Fairs for the last 3 years, here is the 2021 Schedule.

Mark your Calendars and Tell all your Friends & Family! All Fairs are from 9-5pm on Saturday & from 10-4pm on Sunday.

  1. Saturday, May 29th & Sunday, May 30th (Memorial Day Weekend)
  2. Saturday, June 12th & Sunday, June 13th (Cascadia Women's Group)
  3. Saturday, July 3th & Sunday, July 4th (Independence Day Weekend)
  4. Saturday, Aug 14th & Sunday, Aug 15th (Great Oyster/Clam Tides)
  5. Saturday, Sept 4th & Sunday, Sept 5th (Labor Day Weekend)
  6. Saturday, Oct 2nd & Sunday, Oct 3rd (OysterFest Weekend)

Art & Music Fair May-29-30 2021


We will have a Full House in our RV Park.

The Beach is Closed to Harvesting of Shellfish due to the recent heat wave. The Shellfish did not survive well.

The Honeybee is Open  Some Delicious Dishes are:

  • Homemade Potato Salad & Corn on the Cob
  • BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches
  • Hamburgers, Hot-Dogs & Air Fresh French Fries
  • Grilled Cheese, BLTs, Turkey & Reuben Sandwiches
  • Fresh Fruit Pancakes, Egg Sandwiches & Muffins
  • Espresso, Ice Cream and much more…

We are receiving an excessive numbers of  Vp illness reports potentially associated with oysters from many different shellfish growing areas. The reported illnesses correlate with our recent record breaking air temperatures and mid-day minus tides.

Dani Toepelt, R.S.

Shellfish Licensing & Certification Section Manager

Environmental Public Health

Washington State Department of Health


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