Park Rules

Rest A While RV Park Rules

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of the park
by all who use it it must have some rules.

We also need to follow local laws and
regulations thank you for your consideration and cooperation.

1. All reservations must be paid in full upon arrival.

2. All rental terms and agreements are only for the days included in the payment receipt and may be terminated at any time.

3. It is the guest responsibility to notify the office if they wish to extend their stay.

4. There is no guarantee of keeping the same site behind the initial reservation dates.

5. Check in time is 1 p.m. and check out time is 11 a.m. there's an additional charge for checking out after 12 p.m. .

6. Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. daily

7. Please drive slow speed limits are 5 miles per hour.

8. We have the right to refuse service to any person or persons for violence, intoxication, drug abuse, drug dealing, prostitution, harming another person and/or any other illegal activity.

9. All visitors have to be registered at the Park office.

10. We are a pet friendly Park we ask that you keep your pet on a leash at all times and clean up after them to save them from any embarrassment.

11. Overnight kenneling of dogs outside is not allowed in the park.

12. Restrooms are for people only.

13. Due to new regulations and insurance company. We are required to have very strict rules regarding dogs and have to limit their size to 40 lb and certain breeds of dogs.

14. No smoking in any of the facilities within 25 ft of entrance exit doors.

15. We do not allow campfires on the grounds at the request of the fire department you are welcome to have a portable raised fire pit at least 12 inches off the ground or barbecue gill at your site.

16. Never set off fireworks Firearms or explosives.

17. UN-mounted exterior propane tanks are not allowed.

18. There is absolutely no parking on any empty sites or on the grass areas.

19. We do not allow washing of the vehicles in the park but the office staff will be happy to give you directions to local accommodations.

20. We are sorry but we do not allow tent camping within the Waterfront area.

21. We ask that you do not place mats on the grass as it kills the grass.

22. Children under 16 years and younger must be supervised by an adult when using any of our facilities.

23. For health and courtesy require that all sewer connections have an airtight adapter.

24. All boats must be parked in the marina lot.

25. Running of auxiliary generator is prohibited.

26. While on the beach remember that we do not have a lifeguard swim at your own risk.

27. Pets are not allowed on the beach at any time it is primarily a food Beach.

28. Beach days and times for harvesting oyster and clam are posted in the office.

29. You also need to have a shell fish license. please check before harvesting.

30. Do not begin harvesting until the staff member has completed orientation and has given you permission to use the beach.

31. Do not use the beach for dumping anything, including food scraps that have come from hood Canal.

32. Crab backs, Shrimp heads and fish trimming should be returned to Deep Water.

33. Washington State Fisheries agents have access to our private beach and you are subject to a check at any time, please have your Washington State shellfish license for harvesting.

34 We reserve the right to close or limit what is harvested from our beach in order to preserve our supply.

35 Garbage accepts only camping out stuff. Do not leave garbage, food, trash on your site. you are required to clean up after your self.

36 We do not accept, in our dumpsters, hazardous materials, Electronics, Furniture, used RV parts, awnings, and oversized garbage. You will be charged.

37. For your safety, Rest A While has and uses video surveillance at our facilities and dumpsters in the RV Park.

38. We have the right to relocate your rig to another site in the park at any time.

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