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Rest A While RV Park Rules

Rest-A-While Rv park

Rules and regulations

To Ensure the Safety and Enjoyment of this Family Friendly Rest-A-While RV Park by all who use it, we must have rules, guidelines and regulations.  We also need to follow local laws and WA State Regulations.                      Thank you for your consideration, kindness and cooperation.

  1. Payment of Rent. Unless otherwise agreed to by Management in writing, all Reservations in must be PAID IN FULL upon arrival. It is the guest responsibility to notify the office if they wish to extend their stay.  All Rental Terms and Agreements are only for the days included in the payment receipt and may be Terminated at Any Time.  You must be 21 years of age to rent an RV site, otherwise a Parent or Guardian of 21 or older must sign for you and be on the property with you at your site.
  2. Unless otherwise agreed to by Management in writing, there is no guarantee of keeping the same site after the initial reservation dates. Management reserves the right to relocate your RV to another site at any time, for any reason.  If you choose to extend your stay beyond your initial reservation dates, we will do our best to keep you in the same site, but will relocate you if necessary.
  3. Check In/Check Out. Unless otherwise agreed to by Management in writing, Check-In Time is 1:00pm and Check Out Time is 11:00am, there's an additional charge for checking out after 12 pm.
  4. Quiet Hours. QUIET HOURS ARE FROM 10 PM TO 8 AM DAILY. Please respect your neighbors.
  5. Speeding. Please Drive Slow, Speed Limit is 5 MPH as we have many Children, Pets & Adults.
  6. Visitors. All Visitors must check in and be Registered at the Park office. Management may levy additional rental charges in the amount of $25.00 per day for visitors not named in the lease who remain on the leased premises for more than fifteen days in any sixty-day period. The Office must know of any guests staying overnight and must be signed in on the paperwork for that site, no exceptions.
  7. Refuse Service. We have the Right to Refuse Service to any person or persons for any reason. Guests will be asked to leave the park for failure to pay rent as required, failure to observe and abide by these rules and regulations, engaging in any criminal activity, or creating any nuisance that threatens the health, safety, and quiet enjoyment of other guests.
  8. We are a pet friendly Park. However, all guests must always keep their pet on a Leash. Guests must Clean Up all Pet’s droppings in the park.  If you don’t, you will be fined up to $250 or more.  All guests are Liable for their Animal’s behavior in the park.  All guests must control their pets at all times.

Guests agree to indemnify and hold the park harmless from any damage or injury caused by their pets.

  1. Due to new regulations, we are required to have strict rules regarding Dogs and have to limit their size to 50-60lbs. No child under 16 years of age can walk a dog without supervision.
  2. Unless otherwise approved by management in writing, kenneling of Dogs outside of your RV is Not allowed in the park. Leasing your Dog to your RV is Not Permitted.
  3. Pets are Not Allowed on our Private Oyster & Clam Beach at any time, no exceptions.
  1. Restroom Facilities. Restrooms and Bathrooms are for People Only, No Pets (It is a Safe Place for Adults & Children) and please kindly Clean Up after yourself and your family. No child under 16 years of age can be in the Restrooms without supervision.
  2. No Smoking in any of the facilities, bathrooms & laundry within 25 ft of Entrance or Exit doors. If you don’t, you will be fined up to $250 or more.
  3. Campfires. We do not allow campfires during a “Burn Ban” on the RV grounds at the request of the Fire

Department.  Un-mounted Exterior Propane Tanks are Not Allowed.  You are welcome to have a Portable, Propane/Natural Gas Raised Fire Pit (12 inches off the ground) or Propane/Natural Gas Barbeques Grills at your site.  No Charcoal Barbeques are allowed in the park.

  1. Other Safety Hazards. Never set off Fireworks, Firearms or Explosives in the park. Running of Auxiliary Generator is Prohibited.  No Hunting!!  No riding your Bicycles, Scooters, Skateboards over 5MPH and not over any Objects, and only on the Gravel or Sidewalks, not on the Grass.  No going into the Sund Creek without Adult supervision.  No jumping over or walking on fences.  No throwing Rocks or any object at any building , RV or person.  No standing/jumping on top of picnic tables.  Stay away from all equipment, seafood tanks or items/vehicles next to boathouse or anywhere in the park. No going on Private Property next to park and No Vandalizing anything on this RV Park property.
  2. Parking. There is absolutely no parking on any empty sites or on the grass areas without permission of Management.
    1. All Boats & Utility Trailers must be parked in the Waterfront Parking Area next to Waterfront Boathouse with Permission of Management. Any other place in the RV park must be Approved by Management.
    2. No Parking along the Fence on the Waterfront next to the Hood Canal. It blocks the view of other guests, blocks from other RVs being able to drive by & it damages the grass.
    3. Do Not Park anywhere where it blocks the Gravel Drive in this RV Park, especially in the smaller sites on the Parkside. Please be Conscious of this and Contact Management if you see this happening or you need assistance in parking your Vehicles.
  3. Own Vehicle. You must own a Vehicle to have an RV site here and it must be in good working order. If a Parent or Guardian owns a vehicle then it is permitted, but they must be over 21 years of age or older.
  4. Tent Camping. Tent Camping is prohibited within the Waterfront/Parkside area or any area outside the Tent Site next to Site 73, without prior written consent of Management.
  5. Grass. We do not allow mats, carpets or coverings on the grass, as it kills the grass. These items are Only Allowed on the Cement next to your RV.
  6. Supervision of Minors. Children under 18 years and younger must be supervised by an adult over 21 when using any of our facilities, playground or any part of this Property or Beach, No Exceptions. Any Babysitter must be 18 years and we will need the name and phone number in the office.
  7. Sewer Connections. For Health Reasons and Courtesy, requires that all Sewer Connections have an Airtight Adapter, otherwise you are Liable for Unsuitable Connections (e.g. Duct Tape).
  8. No Lifeguard on Duty. While on the Private Beach, remember that we do not have a lifeguard and SWIM

AT YOUR OWN RISK. By accepting these rules, guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless the

Management and Owner of the park from any and all injuries sustained while swimming, except injuries which arise from gross negligence of the Owner or Management.

  1. Harvesting of Shellfish. All guests must have a Shell Fish License to Harvest Oysters, Clams or otherwise on our Private Beach. Please Check with our RV Office before Harvesting. You will need to know when you can Harvest or have completed orientation if needed. Guests will be solely responsible for any fines levied as a result of unlawful shellfish harvesting on the private beach.
    1. Washington State Fisheries agents have access to our Private Beach and you are subject to a check at any time, please have your Washington State Shellfish License for Harvesting.
    2. We Reserve the Right to Close or Limit what is Harvested from our beach in order to Preserve our Supply.
  2. No Dumping. Garbage dumpsters are only to be used for ordinary camping refuse. NO Appliances,

Furniture, TVs/Electronics/Office Equipment, BBQs, Blow-up Boats/Pools/Toys, Plastic

Coolers/Bins/Buckets, Bicycles/Boats, Tools/Generators, Tires/Vehicle Parts, Fencing, Paints/Hazardous

Materials, Gas Cans, Mowers/Lawn Equipment, Construction Materials, RV Parts/Awnings, Fishing Items, Tarps, Large Plumbing/Metal Pipes, and Oversized Garbage/Large Boxes, etc. are allowed in the dumpsters.  All Boxes Must be Broken Down.  Failure to abide by the provisions of this section may result in fines of $250 or more.

  1. Do Not use the beach for Dumping Anything, including food scraps that have come from Hood Canal. Crab Backs, Shrimp Heads and Fish Trimming should be returned to Deep Water.
  2. Do Not Leave Garbage, Food, Trash on your RV Site. You are required to clean up after yourself.

NO cigarette butts anywhere---please dispose of your cigarette butts safely into a receptacle.

  1. We do have recycling bins, please take advantage and help the environment.
  1. Clean Sites. It is Important that you Move Everything off the grass around your RV & tuck your items into Bins under your RV. You must have personal belongings like Toys, Tools, Cleaning Items, Personal Items, Construction Items into Bins next to, inside or under your RV.  Certain things like Plants, Essential Items (BBQ/Fire Pit, Bikes, etc) or Decorative Items are fine as long as they are Watered and Orderly.  No major Clutter, as we have had many Complaints from Guests that visit the Park, and also the other Guests who keep their sites Neat and Orderly. If you don’t, you could be fined up to $250 or more.
  2. All Vehicles in Rented Spaces must be in Good Repair & you cannot have more than (2) Two Vehicles, unless otherwise Approved by Management. There will be an additional cost of $50 or more a month for your storage.  Any Vehicles in Disrepair must be removed from this RV Park.
    1. No Carports or RV Carports are allowed on any lot unless management gives written approval prior to the installation of the carport.
    2. Tarps are not Allowed for any Roof Leaks, Covering for Belongings, Vehicles, etc. Tarps on the Roof of an RV is not a Permanent Repair!  If the Roof of your RV is Damaged, it Must be Repaired otherwise, the RV cannot be in this RV Park.  There can be Exceptions only Temporarily, if Approved by Management.
    3. Unless otherwise approved in writing by management, all recreational vehicles/5th wheel trailers shall be built on a chassis and self-propelled or permanently towable.
  3. Storage Sheds. Storage sheds and other outbuildings may not be placed on any lot without prior written consent from management. No sheds can be larger than 6ft x 4ft unless the guest obtains prior written consent from management.
  4. Occupancy. Guests can only occupy the RV site listed on their lease. Guests cannot park, store, or use any other site that you pay for, without permission from management. Failure to obtain approval from management will result in additional rental charges.
  5. Mailboxes. Mailboxes at our RV Park have a Monthly Charge. PO boxes are suggested as you can’t forward from this business address. Please Do Not Call the office to see if you have mail or packages, come in directly, as our phones are very busy.
  6. Packages Shipped to RV Park. If you have Packages shipped here, it is Essential to have your Full Name & SITE NUMBER!
  7. Length of Stay Limitations. No recreational vehicle shall remain in the RV park for rental purposes or for a time period of more than one hundred twenty consecutive days and one hundred eighty days in a three hundred sixty-day period (180/360). The RV park management shall maintain rental records identifying each RV and registered occupants and shall present them to the county on written request.  There can be Exceptions, if Approved by Management.

I Agree to Abide by these Rest-A-While RV Park rules listed above.


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